name path methods description
  • /api/v1/documents
  • /api/v1/documents/{id}
  • GET
  • GET
These endpoints allow you to query the DarkOwl Vision database, and receive content snippets or full body document results. A maximum of 200 results are returned for each query.
  • /api/v1/matches
  • GET
These endpoints allow you to query for specific terms and receive a response, with URL and metadata, if the term appears in the database. A maximum of 200 results are returned for each query.
  • /api/v1/search
  • GET

This endpoint allows you to search the DarkOwl Vision database and receive detailed results.

The 'q' field is the primary search field recommended for use and determines the relevancy of the results that are provided. Additionally, if the 'highlight' parameter is set to true, data in this parameter will be highlighted in the body field of the results.

We recommend using filters whenever possible for better performance and results. As filters are not used in the calculation of relevancy, you may wish to use both the filter and the 'q' parameter in some cases. For example: when searching for an email address such as `` using the email filter, including this value in the 'q' field will improve results, return in a more timely fashion, and highlight the term in the result (if requested).

Data Types


type description
Document The result from a single Document request.
DocumentsSearchResult The result from a Documents request.
DocumentsSearchResults Container for Documents results.
Match Container for a single Document result.
MatchesResult Container for Matches results.
SearchResult A single search result
SearchResults Response to a Search request
SingleDocumentResult Container for a single document result.